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Recover Deleted Videos With Free Deleted Video Recovery

In recent times, use of various advanced gadgets like digital cameras and camcorders have increased extremely for the purpose of recording memorable moments in the form of videos. People love to watch those videos and want to keep them for life long. But when these videos get lost or accidentally deleted from the device, it leaves you feeling atrocious and worried. Whether it is a loss of lovely videos images or any critical document, losing data is indeed a harass for any individual as it is not possible to recover back the lost videos in some scenarios. Thankfully, there is Free Deleted Video Recovery which is a perfect solution available to tackle such situation. The lost videos can be easily retrieved back using this application.

Generally, there are four different scenarios in which people lose there videos:

  • Unintentionally pressing of the 'Delete All' button while viewing the videos or images.
  • Transferring videos from camera or mobile to PC.
  • Unexpected formatting or improper removal of the storage media from the device
  • Loss of videos from the device due to software related issues.

Other than these situations, virus invasion, power failure, corruption in the storage media and occurrence of errors are some of the common problems which also lead to the deletion of data.


Generally, people think that if a file gets deleted from its respective location, it gets permanently deleted. But in fact, the files remain intact in the device until the files did not get overwritten by new ones. In this case, it doesn't matters the causes for the deletion of videos from a PC hard drive or any other storage media. Therefore, it is possible to recover the deleted videos back.

If you have lost your videos from PC or any other device and want to recover them back then there is no option other than opting for Free Deleted Video Recovery Software. Free Deleted Video Recovery is a proficient application which has been especially designed for the recovery of deleted video file even from a formatted computer hard drive, camera card, memory sticks, Flash drives, iPods, etc.

Features of Free Deleted Video Recovery software are:

  • Can recover lost videos files even from a formatted drive and storage media by keeping it intact.
  • Easy to use and works very fast
  • Supports for all video file formats
  • Supports for almost all camera brands like Nikon, Sony, Olympus etc.
  • Doesn't requires any technical expertise
  • Can restore the recovered videos to any desired location or device
  • Able to make a backup of videos

You can download a demo version of Free Deleted Video Recovery to see the performance of the applications. The trial version of the concerned software will show you the preview of recovered files.